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EOR services that are compliant & centered around people, placing well-being & Legal mandates at the forefront.


Efficiently manage employment contracts, induction leave, attendance, onboarding, and queries for a streamlined process benefiting your organization and employees.


We simplify the payment process by offering a single invoice system, enabling local currency payments to both employees and authorities, ensuring convenience and efficiency.


We take care of commissions and variable compensation, expense management, pay slips, and salary structure, ensuring accurate and efficient financial processes for your organization.


Tailored in-country benefits, health benefits, supplemental benefits, and advisory services of the highest quality.


Ensuring compliance with local labor laws, regulations, and best practices while keeping your organization up-to-date with statutory requirements.

More than an Employer of Record Services

In addition to our comprehensive Employer of Record (EOR) service, we go beyond the standard offering by providing our customers with a range of ad hoc services that prioritize safety and quality assurance. These additional services come with notable benefits, such as:

Solution backed by robust Technology

Employee onboarding

Leave Management

Expense Management

Access to employment pay slips

Query Management

Employment risk evaluation

WageOut Global extends its expertise to encompass an independent contractor compliance and payment service within its comprehensive range. Our offering encompasses a complimentary assessment of your independent contractors, meticulously pinpointing any potential worker misclassification risks. Following the validation of the proper classification of your independent contractors, we take charge of ensuring the punctual remittance of fees and the accurate submission of taxes to pertinent authorities. Reach out today to initiate a no-cost appraisal of your contingent workforce, leveraging our employer of record services, including our EOR services in India.

Are you currently engaged as an independent contractor or freelancer?

Spread the word to your clients about our employer of record solution and recommend them to us. We will guide them on the compliant way to employ you, alleviating any tax and compliance concerns. By partnering with us, you will benefit from dedicated local HR support, timely salary disbursement in your local currency, and round-the-clock access to your employment information.


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